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Antique and vintage French linens - such heaven in all their incarnations.


Rustic, knobbly 19th century hemp - hand loomed, uneven weave with hand stitched centre seams and simple cross stitch monograms. Amazing antique pieces that have such character.  Great for upholstery, bed covers, rugs, floor cushions, curtains, blinds.


Fine white "pur fil" linen - billowing at a window or gracing your bed, these stunning sheets are glorious confections with delicate monograms, rows of hand stitched drawn threadwork and ladder stitching.


Country style linen - these sheets are my number one seller.  Real work horses that will make great curtains, duvet covers, pillowcases, blinds, bed covers; the list goes on.  Usually a good stock of singles, pairs and sets.


Metis - this is a traditional French sheeting fabric which is a cotton warp and linen weft.  Many weights and shades available which emulate their pure linen cousins.  So useful and a less expensive alternative to pure linen that is great for high traffic/hard use areas.


And of course all the wonderful napkins, tablecloths, pillowcases, tea towels, chemises, nightshirts and culottes should not be forgotten!


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