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An antique is for life!


Often a simple vintage table or cabinet can be the same price as something from Ikea but the difference is, a well made vintage or antique piece holds its value and can stay with you for life. And of course the buying process is that much more enjoyable!


I have been dealing in antiques for nearly 20 years. In 1996, after a decade's experience of living and working in HK and China, I started a company importing high quality 18th and 19th century country antiques from Shanghai. The business quickly grew, developing a client list including the General Trading Company, Shanghai Tang, Liberty and interior designers such as Kelly Hoppen


We bought our house in France in 2003 and gradually started to mix French pieces into my stock, developing an eclectic style that has become very popular and reflects the current trend for a personal look, moving away from minimal interiors. Gradually I have evolved into a much more French based look with an occasional Eastern piece when I find something special.


French textiles are my first love and I always hold large stocks of antique linens which are perfect for curtains, upholstery and all manner of interiors projects.  And of course, pure linen sheets are sublime to sleep on!

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